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Destination Hindu Wedding Priest | Indian Wedding Priest in USA

The rites and rituals of a wedding is one of the most important Hindu religious traditions which is presided over by a Hindu Pandit. With the migration of thousands of Indian families to the United States, one can trace an ever growing urge among Hindu Americans to stick to their native culture and traditions. This urge is most reflected in the sphere of weddings and it is not surprising that most American Hindus favour a wedding ceremony which truly reflects the heritage of their homeland. A big fat Indian wedding is a not so uncommon scene in the US and in order to tie your know without the slightest hitch you need to avail the services of a learned and dependable Hindu wedding pandit. The wedding ceremony is considered by most Indians as a one in a lifetime event and it is the priest who has the most important role to play in an Indian wedding after the bride and groom. Therefore finding a reliable Hindu priest service is of utmost importance before you decide on your wedding date.

Yogesh Joshi a NRI living in New Jersey USA is known for offering top notch Indian priest services for destination Hindu weddings abroad. Joshi who is well versed in both Sanskrit and English would make sure that all the traditions and rituals are strictly observed in course of the wedding. Joshi has presided over lots of Hindu wedding in all corners of the globe including New York, Bahamas, Hawaii, Canada, Punta Cana, Tobago, Jamaica, Aruba, Cancun, Dominican Republic and even on a Carnival Cruise Line. As we all know almost 60% of Indian weddings in the USA involve the union of a Hindu and a foreign resident which is why it is absolutely important for the priest to be a fluent English speaker. Ideally the priest should translate the essence of the mantras into English so that everybody present can understand what is being said and done. Moreover the pandit needs to understand and respect the cultural differences between the couple and tailor the ceremony accordingly.

The Indian marriage rituals can last for up to 4 hours with all the family members present to shower the couple with their blessings. A ritual that long surely calls for a devoted priest who has learned all the mantras by heart. Yogesh Joshi one of the leading providers of Hindu priest service in the USA would meet the families much ahead of the date of the ceremony and conduct a logistical review of the program so that it happens in the smoothest possible way. He is experience in performing interfaith weddings and the detailed English translation ensures that all the guests can follow every part of the ceremony. Joshi is fully committed to offer you and your spouse with the most perfect wedding ceremony you have ever imagines. He would personally preside over all the aspects of the ceremony starting from the Mangni or engagement till the Mehendi or the henna ceremony. Moreover he will always be by your side to help you customize your weddings according to your requirement and budget.

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