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Wedding Priest

Ever since the 1960s thousands of Indian families have migrated to the US and over the past 2 decades the second generation NRIs who were born and brought up in USA are getting hitched in large numbers. It goes without saying that Indian families living abroad have strong ties with the cultures and traditions of their homeland. Hindus living in the US tend to go for a wedding ceremony which reflects the Hindu culture and Hindu way of life. The marriage which is presided over by ahindu priest is one of the most important rites of the Hindus during their lifetime. The rites of marriage in Hinduism highlight the transition from the first stage of life which is devoted to learning to the second stage devoted to start a household and raise kids. The goals of a married couple in Hinduism are the pursuit of Dharma (religious duties), Artha (wealth) and Kama (enjoyment of the male female bond). A Hindu marriage intends to strengthen the bond between bride and groom so that they become one in spirit.

If you are an Indian living abroad trying to find a professional Indian wedding ceremony priest then Yogesh Joshi should be your first choice. Yogesh Joshi an Indian priest residing in New Jersey has presided over hundreds of Indian weddings in the USA. Since many weddings in USA involve the union of an Indian and a non Indian, the priest should be respectful of the differences and customize the celebration accordingly. Yogesh Joshi is a man of good character who is fluent in Sanskrit as well as English. Moreover he has performed hundreds of interfaith weddings in all corners of the globe including New York, Hawaii, Cancun, Canada etc. Yogesh has years of training in Hindu scriptures and Vedas and he knows exactly what it takes to perform a successful marriage rite. He would not only recite the Sanskrit verses but also translate them to English for the non Indian audiences. The ceremony would be conducted according to the rites of the Vedas and will logically progress from one ritual to the next. Ideally you should invite all your guests during the ceremony so that they can bless the couple during the process of the puja. The fact that all the Sanskrit passages would be translated into easy understandable English would result in a dignified yet formal and enjoyable wedding ceremony.

The priest is going to perform the following Hindu rituals in course of the ceremony:

  • Mangni or engagement ceremony
  • Jaimala or the exchange of garlands
  • Madhupak or the offering of honey and yoghurt
  • Kanyadan where the father of the bride gives her to the groom
  • Havan or the lighting of the sacred fire
  • Rajaham or the offering rice to the sacred fire
  • Gath Bandhan is the tying of the wedding knot
  • Mangalphera where the bride and groom walks round the fire
  • Saptapardi where they take 7 steps together
  • Jalastnchana or blessing the couple
  • Sindoor or the application of vermilion on the bride’s forehead
  • Ashirvad or blessings by parents
  • Mehendi or the henna ceremony.

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