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Randal Mataji Na Lota

There are many reasons why people perform this ceremony, here are some:-
A Maher family tradition were the ceremony is performed when a new daughter-in-law is welcomed into the new home. The ceremony will bring happiness and blessings upon the couple.

In other family traditions the ceremony is associated with the first pregnancy, they will do this on the seventh month to call blessings upon the baby inside the mother to be.

Some parents like to perform the ceremony for an infant boy some time after he has his head shaved at his balmuvara. They ask for Randal Matajis blessings for the new boy’s life. Also this is for when a boy attains the janoi, Randal Mataji will give blessings to the boy and make him safe and be successful in his studies.

Other people do the ceremony for the joy and love for Randal Mataji.

The ceremony is usually performed at home, to also give blessings onto the home. And the ceremony should be performed on auspicious days most commonly Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The priest should always be consulted over the best days for the ceremony.

Everything should be planned in advance so stress is taken away. The priest will make a list of items that they need to get e.g. food artifacts and offerings that are required. The success depends how many goyni’s there are. Any woman caste or faith can be a goyni. The goyni must be fit to eat well but not be pregnant. On this day the goyni represent the form of Randal Mataji.

The minimum number of goynies is determined by the number of lota used in the cremony. Lotas are always counted in pairs. With 14 goyni’s for each pair of lotas.